Scalp micropigmentation training

You wish to pursure a career in the micropigmentation field? We have the best training program on the North Shore of Montreal!

Why choose the Ink and Blade Scalp micropigmentation training?

By choosing Ink and Blade, you insure yourself to obtain the support and help enssential to your success. Our training gives you all the tools you need to not only start your new service with full confidence, but also to make your new profession a profitable one.

Our qualified instructors have an impressive depth of experience which they will share with you to ensure your success.

Dave Raposo


What is included in the training?

Our training lasts 4 days and consists of a theorical module as well as a practical module. A starter kit is also provided.

Theorical module

What is scalp micropigmentation

Who is this service for

The grades of hair loss

The inconvenients/challenges

The different needles

The customer file

The fundamental concepts

The treatments

The drawing according to the morphology

The techniques

The treatments protocol

The common mistakes

The scars and work methods associated

The pigments

The post-treatment reccomendations

Practical module

Adjusting the dermograph
The implantation depth of the pigment
The different working positions
The techniques
Cabin assembly
Hygiene and sanitation
Customer file
Scalp line drawing
Choice of technique
Choice of pigment
Working with the dermograph
Working position
Post-treatment reccomendations
Live model practice

Starter kit

Theorical book
Practice head
Bucket support


Hypoallergenic pencils